Replace hexidemical values in SAP BW with ABAP

Sometime it happens that users accidentally enters a horizontal tab into a text field when creating order. These are translated into BW as hexadecimal. BW displays these values as a hash tag (#). When activating a DSO, SIDs cannot be generated for these hashes. It is therefore necessary to replace these hashes with a normal characters like a space. The ABAP code below can be used for this purpose.


This code uses class CL_ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES to get the hexadecimal representation for a horizontal tab. Also other hexadecimal representations are available in this class.

Class which can be used to replace hexadecimal value

Fix inconsistency in delta administration after system copy

A couple of weeks ago a customer’s BW landscape has gotten fully refreshed, resulting in fresh data! However this was not without any problems. When I tried to open an InfoPackage in development I got an error message saying there is an inconsistency in the delta administration.
Inconsistency in delta administration error message
This error is caused because the fact that the init request of BW and ECC are not aligned. This mostly happens after a system copy. After searching on SCN I stumbled upon SAP note 852443. This note describes a possible solution for this problem. By executing program RSSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE and removing all inits after this has been done, the delta administration of the given datasource is fixed.
Fill in the source system and datasource