Important tables in SAP BW

A BW blog without mentioning some of SAP’s most important tables is useless. These tables can be quite handy when analyzing issues or coding ABAP. Use the read more button to view the complete list, or download the attachment.

Transfer Structure
RSTSTransfer Structure List
RSTSFIELDTransfer Structure fields
RSTSRULESTransfer Structure rules
RSAROUTTText name of Transfer Routine
DD03TText for R/3 Transfer structure Objects
Update rules
RSUPDROUTUpdate rules List
RSUPDDATUpdate rules with routines
RSUPDKEYUpdate rule key fields
RSUPDINFOInfoProvider to Infosource correlation
Embedded ABAP coding for Transfer / Update Rules
RSAABAPABAP source code per object routine
RSLDPIOLinks datasource to infopackages
RSLDPIOTInfoPackage Text Description
RSLDPRULEABAP source code for InfoPackages
RSLDPSELHardcoded selections in InfoPackages
RSMONICDPContains the request-id number by data target
RSPAKPOSList of InfoPackage Groups / InfoPackages
Process Chains
RSEVENTCHAINEvent Chain Processing Event Table
RSEVENTHEADHeader for the event chain
RSEVENTHEADTHeader for the event chain
RSPCCHAINProcess chain details
RSPCCHAINATTRAttributes for a Process Chain
RSPCCHAINEVENTSMultiple Events with Process Chains
RSPCCHAINTTexts for Chain
RSPCCOMMANDLOGSystem Command Execution Logs (Process Chains)
RSPCLOGCHAINCross-Table Log ID / Chain ID
RSPCLOGSApplication Logs for the Process Chains
RSPCPROCESSLOGLogs for the Chain Runs
RSPCRUNVARIABLESVariables for Process Chains for Runtime
RSPC_MONITORMonitor individual process chains
RSZELTDIRDirectory of the reporting component elements
RSZELTTXTTexts of reporting component elements
RSZELTXREFDirectory of query element references
RSRREPDIRDirectory of all reports (Query GENUNIID)
RSZCOMPDIRDirectory of reporting components
RSZRANGESelection specification for an element
RSZSELECTSelection properties of an element
RSZELTDIRDirectory of the reporting component elements
RSZCOMPICAssignment reuseable component <-> InfoCube
RSZELTPRIOPriorities with element collisions
RSZELTPROPElement properties (settings)
RSZELTATTRAttribute selection per dimension element
RSZCALCDefinition of a formula element
RSZCELQuery Designer: Directory of Cells
RSZGLOBVGlobal Variables in Reporting
RSZCHANGESChange history of reporting components
RSRWBINDEXList of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBINDEXTTitles of binary objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBSTOREStorage for binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBTEMPLATEAssignment of Excel workbooks as personal templates
RSRWORKBOOKWhere-used list for reports in workbooks
Web templates
RSZWOBJStorage of the Web Objects
RSZWOBJTXTTexts for Templates/Items/Views
RSZWOBJXREFStructure of the BW Objects in a Template
RSZWTEMPLATEHeader Table for BW HTML Templates
 RSDIOBJDirectory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJTTexts of InfoObjects
RSDIOBJDirectory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJTTexts of InfoObjects
RSDATRNAVNavigation Attributes
RSDATRNAVTNavigation Attributes
RSDBCHATRMaster Data Attributes
RSDCHABASBasic Characteristics (for Characteristics,Time Characteristics, and Units)
RSDCHACharacteristics Catalog
RSDDPAData Package Characteristic
RSDIOBJCMPDependencies of InfoObjects
RSKYFKey Figures
RSDTIMTime Characteristics
RSDCUBEDirectory of InfoCubes
RSDCUBETTexts on InfoCubes
RSDCUBEIOBJObjects per InfoCube (where-used list)
RSDDIMEDirectory of Dimensions
RSDDIMETTexts on Dimensions
RSDDIMEIOBJInfoObjects for each Dimension (Where-Used List)
RSDCUBEMULTIInfoCubes involved in a MultiCube
RSDICMULTIIOBJMultiProvider: Selection/Identification of InfoObjects
RSDICHAPROCharacteristic Properties Specific to an InfoCube
RSDIKYFPROFlag Properties Specific to an InfoCube
RSDICVALIOBJInfoObjects of the Stock Validity Table for the InfoCube