Move transport task to another transfer request

Often I have to move my BW objects to another transfer request. This happens occasionally when an incomplete development is postponed to the next month release.

In order to move all objects from one specific task to another transfer request I used to copy all the objects to my clipboard and pasted this into the new transfer request. This is a slightly old-school method and therefore I was surprised when I stumbled across a function which delivers the same functionality.

In order to move a task to another transport request using this functionality you will have to open SE10 and go to the target request. Select the target request and click on Menu > Utilities > Reorganize > Reassign Task
Reassign transport task to another transfer request
In the next screen you have the ability to fill in a task. Once you click on continue the complete task will be moved to the new tranfser request. Note: the objects t be visible as objects using the tree view, but they will once you display the task.
Reassign task

Joury Jonkergouw

Joury Jonkergouw

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