SAP tables related to transports

In some cases it might be interesting to know which SAP BW objects are attached to a specific transport for e.g. release management. Instead of copy and pasting object values mentioned in the SE10 transaction SAP tables can be used.

All information related to SAP transports is stored in E07* tables. An overview of these tables is shown below. Along with this information and this table overview you have the ability to compose an overview of objects (including their functional description) belonging to specific transport.

E070Change & Transport System: Header of Requests/Tasks
E070AChange & Transport System: Attributes of a Request
E070CCTS: Source/Target Client of Requests/Tasks
E070CREATEChange & Transport System: Creation Date of Request
E070CTVGenerated Table for View E070CTV
E070DEPChange & Transport System: Dependencies of Requests
E070LCTS: Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks
E070MCTS: Target Package/Layer for Requests
E070TCHelp Table for E070 for Client-Specific Imports
E070USEUse of Current Requests by Users
E070VGenerated Table for View E070V
E071Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071CChange & Transport System: Client-Specific Lock Flag
E071ELang. Transport: Positive List for Generic Object Selection
E071KChange & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071KCChange & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071KFChange & Transport System: Nametab Info. on (CHAR)Key Fields
E071KFINIChange & Transport System: Nametab Info. on (CHAR)Key Fields
E071K_30Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071K_KEYE071K Key Fields
E071SSystem-Specific Import Status of Objects
E071VGenerated Table for View E071V
E07TChange & Transport System: Short Texts for Requests/Tasks
E07T_OLDE07T Before TRKORR Extension

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