Suppress Bex Broadcaster email footer

Per default an email footer is attached to every email which is send by the SAP BW system via the Bex Broadcaster. This footer contains a reference to the SAP portal. In some cases this footer is not applicable, for e.g. when an customer is not using the Bex Web Analyzer to execute reports. To prevent end users to get confused by seeing this footer it is necessary to disable it.
Suppress Bex Broadcaster email footer
This footer can be disabled by execution transaction code RSCUSTV29 and enabling the option suppress footer. Once done the footer message will magically disappear.
Suppress Bex Broadcaster email footer transaction RSCUSTV29
Some other (customizing) transactions related to the Bex Broadcaster functionality are mentioned in the table below.

SAP transaction code Description
RSRD_LOG Broadcaster application log
RSRD_ADMIN Broadcasting administration
RSRD_START Start broadcaster for test purposes
CRMC_CIC_BROAD IC WinClient broadcast profile
RSPRECADMIN BW Excel workbook precalculation server admini
RSCUSTV29 Settings for Web Template
RSRD_REPLACE Restart broadcasting for log number
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