Quickly find queries which use specific InfoObjects (part II)

In addition of one of my previous blogs I adjusted the function module RSZ_I_BASIC_KEYFIG_WHERE_USED and saved it to a new version.
The problem with the standard function module is that is requires to fill in a MultiProvider or CompositeProvider in order to get a result set.
Where used key figures function module
Because I had the requirement to get a complete overview without any restrictions I used and changed the ABAP code. The new function module will only ask for a InfoObject name and will show you a list of all relevant queries.

Quickly find queries which use specific InfoObjects

When it comes to deleting InfoObjects from SAP BW it is necessary that these are not used anymore by other objects in the system. The standard where-used functionality could supply sufficient insight. However the standard where-used functionality is not always accurate when a person wants to know in which SAP BW queries an InfoObject is used. For this specific case you have the ability to use one of the following two function modules.

Technical name Type

By filling in the right parameters the function module delivers a table of queries using the specified characteristic or key figure.

Important tables in SAP BW

A BW blog without mentioning some of SAP’s most important tables is useless. These tables can be quite handy when analyzing issues or coding ABAP. Use the read more button to view the complete list, or download the attachment.