The power of navigational attributes

Remember the time when all additional functionality had to be programmed manually in SAP BW? With SAP Business Warehouse 7.3 (and above) many of custom ABAP code could be replaced with standard functionality. One real-life example is the retrieval of a navigational attribute from a navigational attribute.

In the good old days this could be done by using custom ABAP code. With SAP BW 7.3 you can now easily achieve the same result by using navigational attributes. By activating a navigational attribute in the source InfoProvider (like a DataStore Object) you will get the possibility to use the attribute as a source in a transformation.
Using navigational attributes instead of ABAP
With this in mind you now have the capability to use the default “read from master data”-option when modelling a transformation. This makes it possible to read a navigational attribute from a navigational attribute.

The activation of navigational attributes also enables you to use these in a DTP or start routine. This might come in handy when filtering out invalid records.
Using navigational attributes as DTP filter option

Important tables in SAP BW

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