RFC destination for SAP BW is not maintained in source system

Today I encountered a return code 8 (RC=8) when a datastore object (DSO) was transported to the quality environment. Knowing that other transports were already imported successfully the error message below looked a bit odd to me.
RFC destination for BW is not maintained in source system
The error message indicates that there is something wrong with the RFC connection. With this message in mind I checked transaction SM59 to verify if everything was setup properly. Everything looked fine. Also the partner profiles, configured by using WE20, were correct.

After searching (again…) on the SCN website I bumped in to this thread, where table RSLOGSYSDEST is mentioned. The thread describes that the issue could be caused by the references found in this table. In my case record BWQ010 should point to destination BWQ010. As seen in the screenshot below the values were not aligned.
In order to align these values it is necessary to restore the BI source system in BW. After this action was executed the entries in table RSLOGSYSDEST were changed to the right values! It’s as simple as that!

ECC source systems appearing in BI folder

Today a colleague noticed that our ECC systems appeared not under the SAP folder, but under the BI folder. This is strange, since ECC is not a BI system. In order to fix this SAP has publishes (of course) an SAP note. (1087980).
ECC source systems appearing in BI folder
This note describes the following steps in order to fix this issue:

Step Action
1. Check that an entry with SRCTYPE ‘M’ exists in table RSBASIDOC table of ECC source system.
2. Note the values for SLOGSYS and RLOGSYS. It should be same.
3. Run the function module RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT in the ECC system. NOTE: Never run that function module in a BI system!
4. Enter the following values: I_BIW_LOGSYS <RLOGSYS> as noted in step 2 I_OLTP_LOGSYS  <SLOGSYS> as noted in step 2 I_FORCE_DELETE <X> DO NOT ENTER ANY VALUE IN THE FIELD  – RFC target sys !!!!!
5. Go to RSA1-> Source systems.
6. Select the ECC source system and select RESTORE in the right click menu.

After step 6 has been performed be sure to reactivate all of your transfer structures. If you do not do this the system will not appear under the SAP folder. After you have done this the ECC system should appear in the SAP folder.
ECC source systems appearing in BI folder