Role generation tool (PFCG upload ready)

As of September 8th I am proud to be part of a BI project team at ASML. As a team we are responsible for a greenfield BW on HANA implementation. One of the requirements for this project was to define a new authorization concept. After a thorough research a framework was proposed containing the objects which should be created in order to make data authorization possible. This meant that for a certain area 360 authorization objects and roles had to be created.

For the mass creation of authorization objects there is currently no tool available (at least not one that I amaware off), resulting in spending over more than 6 hours of clicking and saving in transaction RSECADMIN (!). However for the mass generation of roles I knew that there was a upload possibility available in transaction PFCG. With this knowledge in mind I downloaded a already existing role  analyzed the content of this downloaded .SAP file. Concluding that this .SAP file is just a simple text file which could be easily generated by Excel.
Download / upload roles from PFCG in SAP
So in order to create 360 roles I started developing an Excel Macro which generates a .SAP upload file based on the given roles names, descriptions and authorization objects. As a result the “PFCG upload – role generation tool” was born. Refer to the attached document to view the result. Hopefully this tool could save you alot of time and effort!
PFCG upload – role generation tool