Determine standard values of a production order via SAP ECC tables

Ever heard of norm time per operation? If you did, then you don’t have to read further, for those who didn’t please continue.

Last week a business user asked me if it was possible to calculate the norm time per operation on a production order and to add this Key Performance Indicator to an existing BW report. I actually never heard of this KPI. Nonetheless the formula behind it is pretty easy.

Norm time = Base quantity / Standard value of machine

So with this formula in mind my journey began in the SAP ECC source system. Via transaction CO03 I went to a production order and went to an individual operation. Per operation you are able to consult the standard values and the base quantity. The base quantity is straightforward and can be easily extracted via table AFVV.
Standard values of a operation for a specific production order
Extracting standard values is a little bit more complicated, due to the fact that these are attached to a specific work center via a formula parameter. There are multiple standard values available like labor, setup & machine time. For our norm time KPI we are only interested in the machine time.

SAP tables and relations

Sometimes it’s useful to know how the different tables of SAP are related to each other, especially when developing new functionality in BW or ECC. Christopher Solomon and some other (yet unknown) people have composed a .pdf file where per functional area the entities and their relations are graphically displayed. Refer to the attached file to see the result.


Important tables in SAP BW

A BW blog without mentioning some of SAP’s most important tables is useless. These tables can be quite handy when analyzing issues or coding ABAP. Use the read more button to view the complete list, or download the attachment.